Inspired by the community buzz we'd enjoyed in previous years, our team of enthusiastic Rotarians once again volunteered in supporting the Weetbix Tryathalon at the Hutt Recretional grounds.  Once again, it was so enjoyable. The weather played it's part but sadly, a Hutt Valley power cut brought a new challenge!
Volunteering once again to manage the participants' breakfast meant a 7am early start.  This involved organising for a rush of hundreds of hungry young children filling up before the event.
Sadly, moments before this year's event, the Hutt Valley had power cut.  It meant the swimming pool could not be used so the challenge became run, bike and run again.  The kids weren't fussed by that and it still went like clockwork, to the credit of the Event Organisers.
It's become a huge success for both children and family.  A big thanks to Jaye Howey for her leadership getting us together for another memorable day.