Posted by Richard Perry on Apr 25, 2018
On Anzac Day, I was privileged to lay a wreath on behalf of the Club, at the service on the Anzac Memorial Plaza.  Our thanks to the generosity of Rob Sinclair for providing the wreath materials and the hands of Helen Renor who prepared it.
President Richard and Moira Jackson, as well as the Countdown shoppers, had the pleasure of listening to Gary Stratton play his accordion while poppies were being sold.
On 19th April, on behalf of Eastern Hutt Rotary, I also attended the 30th Anniversary Asthma & Respiratory Awards. It was an occasion to thank major donors and acknowledge organisations who had supported the Foundation’s campaigns over the years. 
Awards were given to 6 people who had overcome serious challenges from asthma and multiple hospitalisations - in some cases going on to excel in careers, or achieve well in Ironman racing. The individuals ranged from a delightful 5-year-old girl, through to a mature Maori woman. Interestingly, Maori and Pasifika people suffer a significantly higher incidence of asthma-related conditions than the rest of our community.
The evening was introduced by Sir John Clarke and it was very pleasing to hear him acknowledge Eastern Hutt Rotary's contribution since the initial foundation of the Asthma organisation.