Posted on Dec 09, 2019
2019 is fast coming to a close and for a lot of us his year has seen many changes in our lives.
Some may have moved address.  Those of us who have lost loved ones may still be grieving, whilst others will have experienced the joy of new life to the family.  The loss of employment, or the gaining of such.  Some may simply be lonely.  It is amazing what a friendly word, or a smile, can do to ease the burdens of others.
Whatever the reason, we as Rotarians have always had someone to share the news with.  Someone who understands the power of friendship, or family, in the context it is given and received.
We light a candle knowing that Christmas will mean different things to different people but for this moment it serves to remind us that whatever race, creed, or religion we derive from, we choose to be with people who share our values.
Let us be grateful for the friends we have and those we are yet to meet.  Let's send love and healing light to those who are hospitalised or unwell.  Let us acknowledge and thank those who serve us and remember in prayer those who we serve as Rotarians.
~ An abridged version written by Glenda Barrett