Posted on Sep 21, 2020
Haere Ra, Michael Jameson, PHF.  As one who exemplifies all that is best about Eastern Hutt Rotary, it was Michael's last formal attendance as a Member this week.
Very highly qualified (PhD), but never arrogant, always friendly, hardworking behind the scenes, and never self-seeking, he has been a Member for 30 years, and is resigning now only because of medical reasons.
Michael's answer to "Why I joined Rotary" was typically honest, unadorned and direct: "Because Dave Smith asked me to!"   In his 30 years he has been involved in numerous activities including various Directorships, composing Club rosters, painting fences, planting trees etc...etc.  Michael was awarded a thoroughly earned Honorary Membership, and we hope to see him again from time to time.
Thanks to Colin Alford, HERE is a brief on a fraction of his time as a valued Rotarian.