Posted by Brian Klee on Feb 17, 2021
Something that was not clear was what the Wellington Regional Council's intended programme was around maintaining their plots like this.  So last night, led by Richard Perry, members of the Environment Committee and others, started a weeding programme in front of Dave Comparini's chair.
So to make a start, armed with grass clippers, secateurs, rakes and the like, we put in a couple of hours.  But as John Matthews found, it was a 'jungle' in there, as it clearly needed regular maintenance to keep the plot attractive - we're sure Dave would have agreed!  
Richard Perry was one of those who got straight into it with his grass cutter, while Mary Clarke was seen tidying up around the shrubs & trees.  
A smiling Mike Fackney recognised the good start we'd all made, as was also evident on the right of Dave's seat from this other photo. 
Well done everyone and let's see how much more we can get done before daylight saving finishes.