Rotary all over the Pacific is very active and we often don't realise the extent of this. Take a look at this Link: Rotary World Community Service.
Rotary in New Zealand coordinated with MORDI Tonga Trust who were geared up to carry out Cyclone Gita repair work to install spouting and down pipes on 100 houses.

Total cash donated by Rotary NZ$35,000.
Rotary worked MORDI to accurately fabricate the steel spouting with end caps and droppers to the correct length and trained some community members in installation.  They installed spouting on 3 classroom blocks at GPS Ha’a’tua School and 2 school houses, 24 houses in Matuatio Village, 10 Houses in Fataulua Village, 2 MAF houses, 13 houses in Apa’apa Village.
The houses at Apa’apa Village were measured and installed by the MORDI people and fabricated by Rotary. They also installed a lost roof over a toilet building at a house in Fataulua.
At Heilala Vanilla installed spouting and installed a roof over the toilet block.  In all 414m of spouting and 129m of down pipe on 3 classroom blocks, 48 houses, 2 small roofs and a vanilla shed installed. Replaced 60 metres of facia board and numerous truss extensions for the facia.