Posted by Helen Thomas on Apr 11, 2018
Helen and Howie Thomas – we’re a bit of a tag team and always support each other with our various activities.
I volunteer at the Soup Kitchen in Tory Street every Saturday fortnight where I serve the client’s breakfast.  Howie walks our little dogs while I’m working and more often than not he gets into a conversation with one of the many clients who has previously been in prison.  Howie is an officer at Rimutaka Prison so quite a few of the lads are known to him.
This role is not a chore for me because it reminds that things are not as easy for some people as it is for others and that makes me very grateful for all that I can enjoy and all that I can contribute to in order to have a happy, meaningful life.   Sadly this is not the case for many and if the soup Kitchen is anything to judge by, it’s getting harder.
One of the things the client's really appreciated is that people willingly give their time to volunteer and to try and bring a little bit of sunshine into their sad world.  They often ask me about my grandchildren, what my plans for the rest of the weekend are and they never fail to say thank you at the end of their breakfast.
Joining Rotary has given me another way to give back and help our community and Howie is also very proud to assist where he can with our activities.  I give thanks every day for all the opportunities that come our way and Rotary is now one of them!!