Posted by Kathy Bryant on May 16, 2019
At a recent meeting we had Rachel Taulelai visit and speak to us.  She very entertainingly walked us through the 10 foods that represented her and the important memories and things in her life.  This got me thinking about what they would be for me....
  1. Tamarillos 
My grandparents lived in Wanganui and would often come to stay. They had tamarillo trees and when they were in season, they would arrive with Boomp (my grandfather) carrying in a big box of tamarillos.  I loved the times when they were staying with us, always lots of fun and lots of cuddles.
  1. Rhubarb & Junket
We often had a Sunday roast for lunch when I was growing up and the radio request session would be on.  It seemed like every time the song, “You’ll Never Grow Old” came on, we would be having our dessert, rhubarb & junket.  Although I never liked it (especially the junket) I always ate it as I was sure it would mean that I would never grow old.  (In more recent years I have discovered that I quite like rhubarb and the Sweet Vanilla café rhubarb and butterscotch cake has become a firm favourite.)
  1. Scallops
I have always loved fish and shellfish.  Scallops would have to be my favourite of all – but they hold special memories for me.  After Dean had proposed to me, we went for dinner at what was Plimmer House and I think I had the best scallops I’ve ever had – no rose-tinted glasses at all…….
  1. Roast Lamb
Roasts signify family for me.  Now that our family are older, having a roast is likely to mean that family are staying or coming around for dinner.  I love having my children home for roast meals and sitting around the table together chatting and laughing.
  1. Chocolate
No list of foods that have meaning in my life would be complete without mentioning chocolate. I think I am a chocoholic personified.  What other food do you crave when you are happy, feeling not so happy, you are bored, or you just need a quick lift.
That’s my first five. I will keep thinking and pondering and perhaps by the time I need to write my next bulletin piece I will be able to list my ten.