"A huge experience in every way" was how Mike described both his experience and Antarctica itself. For example the South Pole is 2441 km South West of Tierra Del Fuego, the Southern tip of South America.  Mike's trip was on a former Scandinavian ferry organised by G Adventures who proved most pleasant and efficient.  Accommodation was in a four berth cabin with just one other person, even though he had paid for only a two berth cabin.  The food was superb and the staff, largely Filipino crew with European officers very friendly and helpful.  The trip from South America to the Weddell Sea took two and a half days.  
They were particularly fortunate with the weather, having a fairly smooth trip and then only one bad day.  They saw the South Shetland Islands, Deception Island, the remains of an old whaling station,  a spectacular volcanic caldera with steam rising from the warmed waters and an Argentinean base. Once at the Weddell where they were for six days they had day trips by zodiac.
Eco-security was excellent.  They were equipped with warm jackets and long boots and the crew were fastidious with cleanliness as there is a real danger of avian flu, endemic on the South American mainland, spreading to Antarctica.  Access in and out of the ship was via a "mud room" complete with a trough through which they had to wade.  Some of the party camped out on terra firma overnight and a few took the polar plunge.  Some also took the $1200 optional extra of canoeing. The scenery was spectacular and well shown in Mike's photos and the same applied to the wild life with seals, whales and sea  leopards  and many types of birds.  We learned that three different breeds of penguins were seen, Emperor, Adele and Chinstrap.  The daylight hours were long: sunset midnight, sunrise 2.00 a.m. and the side trips made good use of the normal day-time hours with the activities and there were (optional) interesting lectures and concerts at night.  (Interestingly the ice did not appear to be disappearing over the years in this part of the continent).   Mike obviously enjoyed, and was most impressed by, the experience which we were fortunate to be able to share vicariously with him.