Josh Krakosky. What is chiropractic care?
Born  and razed in Lower Hutt and educated at Naenae College,  Josh spent five years in Auckland training to be a chiropractor.  He now lives and practises in Lower Hutt.
His theme was "The spine and wellness", and his aim as a chiropractor is to help people.  Chiropractic believes that the spine is the key to good health in several ways.  It obviously provides structural support to the body and it also houses and protects the nervous system.  The human body is designed to help itself where possible, for example in its immune response system, but for this to work there must be good communication between the body and the brain.  If this communication dysfunctions the body's self-help system cannot function effectively.  It is the chiropractor's function to locate and remove any interference in this communication.
Poor communication can be caused by physical, mental or chemical issues resulting from lifestyle issues such as too much or too little exercise, accidental damage, drugs or mental issues.  Chiropractors can address these by correction and manipulation to restore balance to the spine.
There were quite a number of questions.
Q         Once you go to a chiropractor do you have to go to him forever?
A          It is advisable to maintain the spine in optimal condition.
'Q         Are you ACC registered?
A          Yes.
Q         What if your back problem persists after treatment?
A          It might be sensible to adjust lifestyle or change jobs.
Q         Can chiro make things worse?
A          The hardest problem is determining the underlying cause of the condition.  It might need different treatment.
Q         What is the difference between chiropractic and osteopathy?
A          Hard to say, I am not an osteopath.
Q         Are there more problems now as people spend more time looking down at screens?
A          Yes, and our x-rays show this.
No-one asked about the cost of x-rays and chiropractic sessions.  Josh did say he often has a free 15 minute preliminary chat, but chiropractic sessions and x-rays do have to be paid for unless on ACC.  Thank you Josh, for explaining the role of the chiropractor.