Posted by John Terris on Dec 12, 2018
Sadly, Lottery Grants Board aren't going to help with buying the land, or the cottage, but they will likely help with the fitout, which would be great.  Thanks heaps for your assistance to date with all this.  The text of the official reply reads:
"Your request was unsuccessful because while the project had the potential to align with Lottery Grants Board outcomes, and Lottery Environment and Heritage’s cultural heritage priorities and funding criteria, the Committee chose to decline it at this point in time.  The Committee would have liked to see a lot more detail about the project, and a more detailed feasibility study, but understands that this may have not be possible in the time available.
It also took into consideration that it appears a Resource Consent was required, but had not been requested at the time the request was submitted. The purchase of bare land is also not a high priority for funding for the Committee. However, the Committee would consider another request from the Trust in the future, for the development of the museum, such as towards the costs of appropriate display and storage systems.
The Committee suggests the Trust contact a Community Advisor well in advance of the closing date to talk through requirements. The invitation to re-apply does not, however, guarantee funding will be made available. In addition, when the Trust is ready to look at how a museum can be developed within the building, the Committee encourages the Trust to get in touch with a museum professional, such as someone from National Services Te Paerangi, if it hasn’t done so already. The Committee wishes you all the best with this project."