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LAST MEETING:  Brian Klee on Membership
Brian Klee shared a video recording by Mark Huddlestone on his personal views for resolving Rotary's declining membership.  The main part of this commentary being based on that video.  Mark identified 5 reasons for a Club not maintaining membership numbers:
  1. Clubs are no longer seen as "relevant", having fewer and older members, no longer serving their communities, and no longer providing worthwhile networking.
  2. Ineffective communication and "branding" compared to e.g. Greenpeace, or Amnesty International.
  3. The volunteering landscape has changed over the years. Rotary has seen some changes such as the inclusion of women, a movement to fortnightly meetings and E-Clubs. These changes have often been resisted by the old guard.
  4. Clubs are often obsessed with process rather than outcomes, for example the regular dinner meetings.
  5. Collectively we have become apathetic:  88% of members are Over 50.  (What Jaycees used to call "exhausted roosters" - ed.)
Other points included:
  • We all see recruiting new members as "not MY job".
  • Younger people have less time and money than earlier - work pressure, mortgages, university fees.
  • Retirees (OAPs) are now the group in society with the most spare time.
  • We should think of the TOTAL time we spend on Rotary.  For most people that will be attending Club meetings, but is this the best use of our time?
  • A survey found that Over-50’s wanted their meetings to bring camaraderie and entertainment whereas Under-50’s valued productivity and networking.
  • We tend to see our meetings as the centre of our membership, but perhaps service should be.
  • Eion Musk says, "Unless there is a specific purpose for a meeting, don't have one."
Brian concluded this part by handing out a small card to everyone, with space to name one prospective member.
Points from the floor included:  Our most famous recruiter, Dave Smith (122 members) was renowned for his persistence, as corroborated by Errol Tong who said Dave had persisted for 23 years before Errol finally gave in and joined. Jaye emphasised that over 65s are the new 50s and they are the ones with skill, experience, and time, and they should be our target group.  Other points coming to mind include:
  • I want to introduce a friend to the club, who pays for his meal?  The answer being the club pays for his/her first two meals.
  • I want to bring a prospect along, but I am waiting for an attractive speaker, preferably well-known and highly respected. I would like maximum notice of speakers' names.
  • If I have interested someone, is there a brochure I can give him/her to take home, show their partner and think about it? Answer: yes, available.
  • Why can't we offer a year's free membership (and meals)  to a local leader, such as a minister or doctor or teacher?
  • Are we approaching existing groups who could be interested, such as Men's Sheds?
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