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LAST MEETING: Sophie Pearson-Grant - GNS Science
Today we learned a great deal about New Zealand's geothermal resources. We all knew something about them, but it was most interesting and enlightening to be told much more by an expert. Sophie Pearson-Grant has been fascinated by volcanoes since childhood.  After a degree at Leeds University she took a PHD in Volcanology at the University of South Florida. Her education has taken her all over the world studying volcanoes, and she ended up with a post with GNS in Taupo in 2010, moving to GNS Lower Hutt in 2015 where she is studying subterranean water flow.  From Sophie we learned:
  • GNS is funded 50% by government, 50% by commercial contract work.
  • 17% of New Zealand's electricity is generated geothermally. This is the equivalent of a medium sized nuclear power station.
  • The temperature in the earth's core is 5000 degrees C. The mantle lies above, and the crust above that. By drilling down where the crust is thin, we can tap into this store of heat. The usable heat available varies from under 25C to over 150C.
  • This heat can be used directly, as in hot pools(c.100C),  or indirectly as in ground-source heat pumps (c25C), or to generate electricity (150C)
  • New Zealand is a world leader in the field: Wairakei was the first geothermal station in the world  to use hot water to generate electricity.
  • New Zealand's energy production is currently 84% renewable (geothermal, solar, wind, tidal) and the government is hoping for 100% by 2030. The great advantage of geothermal  generation is that it does not depend on variables like sun or wind.
  • The new Civic Centre buildings in Lower Hutt use ground source heat pumps.
  • A geothermal power station needs to drill down 3 km. The earth's crust is approx. 6km thick around Taupo.
Thank you, Sophie, for a most interesting and very well-presented talk - click HERE for the graphics.
Parting Thought: 
"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~ Maya Angelou, American poet and Civil Rights leader.
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