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LAST MEETING:  Ross Barber & Felitu
Around a year ago we heard an appeal for "Undies for Africa". Ross Barber gave that address and asked for our support or a mission he and his wife were developing in Southern Mozambique. Ross came to give us an update and to introduce Felitu, a member of the mission who is currently studying management in NZ. Ross thanked our club for its support after his last address: The Board had made a club donation and  several members had also made donations including Paddy Wells who was almost arrested in Upper Hutt Farmers for browsing among  young ladies' underwear (but who got them half-price when the staff realised what he was really doing), and Errol Tong, who produced over 200 pairs. Ross showed a short video of a batch of undies being distributed.
Felitu then gave an update on the progress of the mission.  Three villages had a major problem after their men folk went to work in the South African mines, came back with aids and left a legacy of widows and orphans, many of whom also suffered from aids. One older woman, for example, had lost four daughters to aids and was now  struggling to look after the grandchildren by herself, with no support. The Centre of Hope Mission has a house for the children and is developing primary and vocational schools, a medical clinic, a Bible school, and a church. It aims to provide a safe place for the orphans with four themes: safety, education, self-sufficiency, and spirituality. They also provide free meals twice a week for 300 children from the surrounding villages.
They try to be self-sufficient in growing vegetables on their 120 hectares and they are building up their herd to provide milk and meat. They also try to raise money to buy uniforms for poor children to be able to attend local schools.  They are now looking to build a solar power plant and acquire sewing machines for the women to make clothes both for themselves and to raise money for their expenses.
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* Wine Tasting Evening - 5:30pm, Friday, 4th June: This fundraising event is proving to be very good, as close to the 95 tickets may have been sold!  However, contact Richard if you are still keen to come.  The charge is $30 per person and you can register by clicking on HERE.



















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