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LAST MEETING: Irene Corpus - Dress for Success
It is amazing how many real needs there are which most of us never think about. When a person is really down on their luck, whether deserved or accidental, they are most vulnerable but least able to help themselves by themselves. Life, for them, is not a level playing field of opportunities. Dress For Success is an international organisation that provides a hand up, not a hand out, when it is most needed. It was started in New York in 1997 and has branches in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Masterton.
Irene, a one-time accountant with KPMG and Rotarian, started the Wellington Branch. It helps mainly women, but also men, when they need it most, such as when applying for a job. The organisation comprises a few full-time staff but mainly volunteers. Its aim is to empower people to achieve economic independence by providing support, encouragement and training.
If, a person is unemployed, or just out of prison, or has just moved from up country, or is simply poor, they could find it hard to make a good impression when applying for an interview or even a court appearance. Dress For Success will provide support, training in interview techniques, pre-employment programmes and importantly suitable clothing. Furthermore, when (not if) they succeed in a job interview it will provide suitable clothing for the first week of employment. Follow-up services such as budgeting and child care are also provided.  Dress for Success depends on the work of volunteers, grants, donations and fund raising. The services are free, and clothes are given, not lent. Clients are referred by sources such as Work and Income, schools and community organisations.

Irene shared a number of success stories, including before and after photos - see HERE.  A simple change of mien and clothes can transform a person's appearance, saying, "It's not just what clothes you wear but how you wear them".  If you wish to donate clothes, take them to the dental centre in Hillary Court, Naenae, or check the website.
Apr 19, 2021
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