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LAST MEETING: Lt. Colonel Roger Earp - Military Life with the Army in Afghanistan
Roger shared what it was like to be part of New Zealand's Army Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan.  After giving a brief personal background: Duntroon, army life, PNG and East Timor (an MNZM, a happy marriage and 5 children) he answered the questions of why, where, what, how much, and what myths concerning NZ's involvement in Afghanistan 2001 - 2021.
He explained how NZ, having kept out of Iraq joined the international effort in Afghanistan after 9/11 to support the Afghan government beset by war lords, the Taliban, and more recently ISIS. Initially NZ sent the SAS and gained great credit for their professionalism (and where Willie Apiata earned a Victoria Cross).  This contribution was supplemented in 2003 by a PRT, Provincial Reconstruction Team, based in Bamyan Province to help the local Hazara people rebuild their lives. The climate was harsh, extreme heat during the day and -25C at night.  120 NZ soldiers would be there at any one time, on a 6-month rotation and over the 20 years ten soldiers lost their lives.
More recently NZ forces have been posted to the Afghanistan Army Officer Academy on the edge of the capital city Kabul.  They Kiwis lived in a compound next door to the officer academy and a military university, surrounded by a 9m wall. Logistics were provided primarily by the UK and Australia.  They were not allowed out of the compound other than to mentor the Afghan Instructors and met few other Afghans other than their pupils and the translators. It was encouraging to see some signs of progress among the Afghanis and by the end of the period there were females attending the Officer Academy, in complete contrast to the days when the Taliban were in charge. Road transport was by Australian Bushmaster or Black Hawk helicopters because of the perpetual dangers of IEDs.
Roger showed real sympathy for the ordinary Afghan people and fears for their safety once the foreign forces have pulled out – a fear vindicated by recent news of explosions outside two schools. He was upset by some of the media reporting, particularly the myth that the NZ’ers left vast quantities of unexploded ammunition on a number of ranges in Bamyan when they withdrew. In fact they had gone to significant lengths to ensure that any live ammunition was cleared previously and are currently repeating this task. There was also a myth that they had killed unarmed civilians. The outcome of the investigation into this incident reported that there had been no wrongful civilian deaths but that the Defence Minister and the public had been misled about what had occurred.
Thank you Roger for a very honest account of what was obviously a very difficult, sometimes very satisfying and occasionally a very frustrating experience.
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