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LAST MEETING: Dr. Gavin Wallace, QSM
Born in Scotland Gavin came early to NZ and has had a distinguished career as a scientist and a stellar career as a volunteer bush firefighter. He has worked in industry and at GNS and is about to receive a Double Gold Star for 50 years for volunteer Bush Fire service. He is also responsible for creating the Bush Fire Historical Museum. Our club was privileged to meet him on an earlier club visit to the Wainui Bush Fire Station.
Gavin's thesis was that to talk of a "Nuclear Free New Zealand". To justify this he gave a brief history of the discovery and use of nuclear forces, mentioning:
- How x-rays are electro-magnetic waves - little photons of energy streaming forth
- Rontgen's very first use of nuclear radiation when he x-rayed his wife's hand in 1895
- The demonstration of radio-activity in uranium 1896
- How Madame Curie gave us the term x-ray and won two Nobel Prizes before her death from radio-active poisoning.
- How by 1898 several NZ hospitals had x-ray equipment by 1898                                                                           
- How radiation was used extensively and excessively, leading to the death of many women painting the luminous dials on wrist watches, including in shoe shops until regulations were introduced to control it.
There was much much more and if you would like to read our scribe's full summary, and perhaps a free glass of wine, click HERE.

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Rotary has been very active the past few days.  Thanks to Jaye's enthusiastic encouragement, we once again turned out to serve the breakfast for the Weetbix TRYathlon at the Hutt Recreational Ground.  It's a great children's event and our efforts were certainly appreciated by the organisers.  Thanks to everyone for putting aside the time for what was a brilliantly fine Lower Hutt day.
Mar 29, 2021
Apr 19, 2021
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Apr 12, 2021
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* Walk for Mental Health - this Sunday 21st March: There is still more time - go to our website HERE and get your friends and family (including yourself) to register for this significant annual event.  If you have any queries, contact Shelley.

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* Call to High Service Honours Board: This Board has been donated by Robert Sinclair, and the Board protection case donated by Errol Tong. We thank Robert & Errol for their very generous gifts. 
Incidentally, if you would like a video copy of Michael Jameson's recent memorial service, this is available on request.
* Funds Raised: Sergeant's Session - $88.90

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