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 LAST MEETING: Anna & Rachel - Music Therapy
Someone dropping in to Monday's meeting at a critical moment would have thought they had joined a Pentecostal revivalist meeting, or possibly an after-hours exercise-for-seniors group as they watched otherwise sane and sensible (mostly) Rotarians practicing catching moths or waving. In fact they were experiencing Music Therapy.
Anna and Rachel are experienced, qualified musical therapists with VUW degrees in Music Therapy. They explained how it can be effective for all ages, and critical for some groups such as children with special needs, IHC adults and the mentally unwell. Singing, particularly when well led and shared with others can be the best way to get through to people after a stroke, or with dementia, or even such relatively minor problems such as a stutter. It provides a sense of enjoyment and a sense of community.
Active participation is more than one dimensional. Music can be a powerful tool for reaching non-musical goals: emotional, social and physical. Anna and Rachel explained that participation was more important than performance, and participation benefited even tone-deaf and actual deaf people. It is beneficial for all groups, not just for those with particular needs, and can be an excellent way of meeting and socialising with others, as it proves with a musical group at a local retirement home.
Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, so a demonstration with participation is worth even more. In this case it was audience participation in some familiar songs, with physical action.
We were convinced!

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Aug 09, 2021
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Aug 16, 2021
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General Notices:







* Funds Raised: Sergeant's Session - $77.90

* Movie Night - 28th July 2021: Please mark your diaries now for our first fund raising event of the new Rotary year.


* An Evening with Ian and Juliet Riseley - Wednesday 18th August at 6pm:

Brian, Jaye, John and Colin were privileged to meet, and have their photo taken, with Rotary International President Ian Riseley, during his Term of Office, at a Lunch in Palmerston North on 6 March 2018. Mitchell Brown was District Governor at the time.

Please register online for what promises to be a fun filled night:


*  Visit to Wanaka - Since we are unable to go overseas on a Rotary Friendship Exchange, Pat Heffernan, Christine Meredith and I (Anne Abbott) are considering a visit for Eastern Hutt Rotarians to Wanaka Rotarians, and then a reciprocal visit to Wellington/Hutt Valley.

Are you interested in participating?  We think it best to avoid the school holidays as airfares cost more during that time. I am thinking that this could be a one week trip if we are only visiting one Rotary group.
We can explore this a little bit more over the next couple of weeks. We'll be passing around the Clip Board at one of our Monday meetings to ascertain interest. Anne Abbott, President
* ‘In the Heights’ Gift Basket Raffles: To support the upcoming fund raiser at the Lighthouse Theatre, we are planning to have gift basket raffles as part of the event. To make this possible we would appreciate members’ willingness to donate items that are suitable for filling the baskets. If you would like to contribute an item (or two) that can assist with making this possible, please bring them along to our club meetings prior to the second event (19th July). There will be a box placed at the entrance for you to leave any items. Thank you for your generosity. Paul G, Environment & Amenities Committee

* Fiji Covid-19 Crisis: If you can, please support Fiji by making a donation. Details on how to make your donation are in the body of the flyer below:

Parting Thought: 
"Music can lift us out of depression, or move us to tears - it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear. It can provide access, even when no medication can, to movement, to speech, to life." Oliver Sacks - Prof of Neurology 

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